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These traditional techniques are built up since the Iron Age. They’re such a large part of who we are. They deserve our attention.

I know that the end result appears simple…the process is anything but! I love using the ancient forging process, shaping metal with a hammer on an anvil. (Also a wonderful way to get rid of pent up frustration.)

The time I spend physically crafting the shapes is itself an investment. Jewellery is handed down through generations. It makes me feel happily ancient, when a young woman asks me to make the bangle she was given at birth bigger for her, now that she’s 21!

Jewellery is personal because it touches your skin and is really quite an emotional thing. It means a lot.

It’s lovely to see people wearing my pieces – to know someone chose to wear it as so much of me has gone into each collection. I have 6 siblings. When I was starting out they were really supportive, but it’s so nice to see people who aren’t even related to me wearing my jewellery!!